Snuba Liability Release Form

Below is an example of what a Snuba Liability Release Form may look like.

The most important key is that usually they will require every person to fill a form like the below as a Participant Record and Liability Waiver. They would need this for their records. Medical Questions would need to be answered with a “Yes” or “No.” Always consult your doctor if your not sure.

Most importantly, answer truthfully!

It is in the interest of your personal safety to not omit information or falsify your answers. Some conditions put you in real danger even if you appear to be doing fine with other sports.

Departure times and your time

Snuba trips may leave on specific times and may depend on certain times. Best to ask what day, time and whether to meet before or not. Private Charters might be a lot different and flexible to your needs.

Availability, Pricing and Cancellations

If possible always book in advance. In case they get fully booked due to max amount of people and high season. Make sure to check whether prices are inclusive of a Turnover Tax and Cancellation policy.

snuba liability release form
Snuba Liability Release Form

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